30. 11. 2018

New Products test iFOB brand SD Biosensor

Set for quantitative occult hemorrhage on STANDARD F series. This simple and non-invasive test provides early diagnosis of potential diseases not only of the digestive tract.

25. 9. 2018

Autumn Sale 2018

Now action prices for specific devices of brands OMNI, IT-IS and Denovix

OMNI -Bead Ruptor 24 Elite

DeNovix - DS-11 Microvolume Spectrophotometer 

IT-IS   MyGo-Mini-2728 


4. 4. 2018

Spectrophotometer comptetition with DeNovix

Closing date 31st May 2018

If you want to participate in the competition with a special pink edition DS-11 FX+ spectrophotometer with integrated fluorometer and you are working for or be associated with a laboratory whose primary focus is research. There are 10 ways to enter and you can enter using all options for more chances to win.

More information here. 

28. 3. 2018

Wir bieten neue Produkte Marke SD Biosensor

Mehr Informationen im Link hier.

Ausstellungen / Workshops

The 15th edition of the conference RANK 2019

February 6 - 7, 2019 Hotel Zlatá Štika in Pardubice

RANK conference serves as a forum for the transfer of practical knowledge and experience mainly from the analysis routine, both human and extrahumánního genome. Takes place regularly at the turn of January and February since 2005 and has become a traditional meeting of Czech and Slovak experts in the field of nucleic acid analysis, molecular biological techniques. The conference is categorized into the official calendar of events guaranteed by the committee of the Czech Society of Clinical Biochemistry at CMA JEP.

More information here.