Microvolume spectrophotometer

An easy-to-use, compact instrument delivers full spectrum UV-Vis analysis and is ideal for rapid nucleic acid and protein quantification.

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The Most Sensitive Micro Volume Spectrophotometer.
The DS-11 takes spectrophotometry to a whole new level of performance and reproducibility.

Total Measurement Confidence
The DS-11 combines unique hardware and software features to deliver unmatched confidence in sample accuracy, performance and reliability.
• SmartPath® Technology – real time, precise pathlength control delivered every time.
• Exceptional for proteins – BridgeTesting® eliminates broken sample columns common on other platforms.
• Contamination Alerts – Instant sample QC guidance.
• Calibration and Maintenance Free. No measurement drift, no service down-time. Accurate results every time.

Easy to learn. Fast to use.
DS-11 instruments feature the most powerful and intuitive software of its type. Designed by life scientists, pre-installed EasyApps® and a breakthrough Android™ touchscreen interface. ensure error-free operation and sample to data in under 4 seconds. Every instrument is ready to measure right out of the box – no PC set-up or software installation.

Technische Daten
Wavelength Range (nm) 190 to 840
Absorbance range microvolume (AU 1 cm eq.) 0,015 to 750
Detection limit microvolume 0,75 ng/ul dsDNA or 0,04 mg/ml BSA
Sample size (ul) 0,5 to 1
Measurement Time (s) 2
Weight (kg) 2
Dimensions w x d x h (cm) 20 x 33 x 16

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DeNovix DS-11 Spectrophotometer

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