ChromaFlash One-Step ChIP Kit (96 reactions)

A complete set of optimized buffers and reagents to carry out a successful chromatin immunoprecipitation for the selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction containing specific DNA sequences from isolated chromatin, in order to investigate the interaction between proteins and DNA in a cell.

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Produktnummer: P-2025-96
96 reactions
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This kit can be used with the EpiSonic™ Multi-Functional Bioprocessor 1000 sonication device, or as a standalone kit*. With the EpiSonic, chromatin shearing and immunoprecipitation steps are optimally processed at the same time, reducing the entire procedure (from intact chromatin sample to ready-for-use DNA) to less than 60 minutes.* Standalone protocol without the EpiSonic 1000 is a 4 hour procedure.

Product Features
Next generation sequencing and microarrays are becoming major technologies of massive protein-DNA analysis. The major features of these technologies are their rapidness and high throughput capabilities. To be compatible with these new technologies, rapid and massive generation of target protein-bound DNA is critically required. To meet this requirement, Epigentek developed ChromaFlash™, a new ChIP technology, and incorporated it into the ChromaFlash™ One-Step ChIP Kit. By utilizing this kit and the powerful EpiSonic™ Multi-Functional Bioprocessor 1000, chromatin shearing and immunoprecipitation can be simultaneously processed, which greatly propels ChIP to the fastest speeds in a high throughput format with much greater efficiency.
The kit has the following advantages and features:
• The fastest and most convenient ChIP method. The entire procedure (from intact chromatin sample to ready-for-use DNA) is less than 60 minutes with the actual handling time being less than 10 minutes due to simultaneous processing of chromatin shearing and immunoprecipitation ("One-Step ChIP").
• 96-well plate format makes the assay flexible. Either (a) manual with one single reaction each time; or (b) high throughput with 96 reactions each time.
• Highly efficient enrichment. Enrichment ratio of positive to negative control > 120, and an extremely low number of cells required (as low as 10,000 cells per ChIP reaction).
• High reproducibility. Pre-optimized ChIP conditions and, with the EpiSonic 1000, digitally acoustic- controlled reaction processing in sealed vials make the ChIP procedure consistent.
• Wide downstream analysis compatibility. Compatible with various downstream analysis workflows including ChIP-PCR, ChIP-on-chip, and ChIP-seq.

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